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Project leader

Project manager – editor of the series

Rev. Dr hab. Maciej Bała, prof. UKSW – a philosopher, theologian, and lecturer at the Institute of Philosophy of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw (UKSW), the head of the Chair of Philosophy of God and Religion, a vice-rector in charge of general affairs and the development of UKSW.

He published the following works: “Pokochać mądrość. Zarys dydaktyki filozofii i etyki” [To Love Wisdom: The Outline of Didactics of Philosophy and Ethics] (Warsaw 2009, co-authors: J. Jeziorska and S. Zalewska); I Cannot Help But Wonder… Introduction to Philosophy (Warsaw 2008, the Kindle edition of 2015 – available at; “O możliwości hermeneutycznej filozofii religii. Propozycja Paula Ricœura” [On the Possibility of a Hermeneutical Philosophy of Religion: Paul Ricœur’s Idea] (Warsaw 2007); “I nadziwić się nie mogę” [I Cannot Help But Wonder] (Toruń 2003, digital edition of 2015); “Filozofia w ćwiczeniach” [Philosophy in Exercises] (Pelplin 2003); “Dialogi Jerozolimskie” [Jerusalem Dialogues] (Pelplin 2004, digital edition of 2015); “Listy z Biblii” [Letters from the Bible] (Gniezno 2001), as well as several dozen scientific articles, encyclopaedia entries and reviews. Also, his scientific achievements include editing six books and five issues of the “Studia Gdańskie” [Gdańsk Studies] revue. He was the doctoral supervisor of four doctors of philosophy. His hobby is mountaineering.


Rev. Dr hab. Maciej Paweł Bała, prof. UKSW
Phone: + 48 506 132 993


Substantial work coordinator:

Dr hab. Piotr Stanisław Mazur, prof. Ignatianum – a philosopher and lecturer at the Institute of Philosophy of the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow (AIK), the head of the Chair of the Philosophy of Man, a vice-director of the Institute of Philosophy of AIK.

His published works include: “O nazwach intelektu” [On the Names of the Intellect] (Lublin 2004); “W kręgu pytań o człowieka” [Questions Concerning the Man] (Lublin 2008); “Prowidencja ludzka jako podstawa roztropnego formowania zasad życia osobowego i społecznego człowieka. Studium z antropologii filozoficznej na bazie tekstów św. Tomasza i jego współczesnych komentatorów” [Human Providence As the Basis for a Reasonable Creation of Principles Concerning the Personal and Social Life of Man: A Study on Philosophical Anthropology Based on the Texts by St Thomas Aquinas and His Contemporary Commentators] (Krakow 2009); “O polskiej kulturze humanistycznej. Z Ojcem prof.  Mieczysławem Albertem Krąpcem rozmawia Piotr Stanisław Mazur” [On the Polish Humanistic Culture: Piotr Stanisław Mazur Interviews Father Prof. Mieczysław Albert Krąpiec] (Lublin 2011); “Zarys podstaw filozofii człowieka. Antropologiczne zastosowanie metody separacji” [The Outline of the Basis of the Philosophy of Man: The Anthropological Application of the Separation Method] (Krakow 2016), as well as several dozen scientific and popular science articles, encyclopaedia entries and reviews. His scientific achievements also include editing three books and one issue of the magazine “Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia”. He writes poems.

Dr hab. Piotr Mazur, prof. Ignatianum
Phone: + 48 785 032 103